Software & Graphics Engineer

About Me

Hi, I'm Seth Pendergrass.

I'm a software engineer based out of the Bay Area. I focus on computer graphics.

I grew up in the Portland area before moving up to Seattle for school. After graduating from UW, I worked at Microsoft on Xbox Backward Compatibility. Now I work on Oculus at Facebook.


College Projects

Streaming SVD & DMD

Research Project

The streaming SVD enables faster processing of long sequences of data. Additional algorithm improvements speed up the DMD and allow for real-time background subtraction.

arxiv github

Tree Dance

3D Engine

3D Engine and demo. Uses physically-based rendering, instanced skeletal animation, deferred rendering and more. Includes custom FBX model importer.

github youtube

Titan Fightin

VR Capstone

Multiplayer VR game. One player plays as titan against others in ships. Shows different play scales in one game.



Fish Detector

Fish detection package built for the Department of Energy. Finds fish in grainy underwater video using RPCA for filtering.


Kinect Laser Harp

Musical Instrument

Musical instrument built using a Kinect and compute shaders.

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