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Dynamic Mode Decomposition

January 21 2024

An overview of the Dynamic Mode Decomposition.


August 8 2023

How I built nightstands.


August 8 2023

How I built a headboard.

Escape room birthday present

August 8 2023

How I made a mini-escape room as a birthday gift.

Boos Bass

August 8 2023

Making an electric bass out of a cutting board.


July 23 2023

Making NFTs from the principal components of some monkeys.

macOS YubiKey Setup

June 16 2023

How to use a YubiKey with SSH and GPG on macOS Ventura.

Photo Organization

May 21 2022

How I finally managed to get a handle on my photo catalog, on Linux.

Digitization, Part 2

May 15 2022

How I scanned my family photos, twice.

The Colors of Cities

February 21 2022

Making art from OpenStreetMap and Google Street View to represent the colors of cities.


February 6 2022

How I evaluated what I'm about over the last couple of years.

Travel Tips

November 10 2021

Because the web needs another blog post about what to bring while traveling.

The Traveled

December 13 2020

On travel and change.


July 10 2020

About depression.

3D Matrix Transformations

May 4 2020

An interactive journey through the matrix transformations of the rendering pipeline.

Installing MAGMA on Ubuntu 18.04

July 3 2019

A brief walkthrough of getting the GPU-accelerated linear algebra library MAGMA set up.


March 7 2019

This is the story of how I digitized all of my family's photos, home movies and files. I discuss the challenges I faced along the way as well as how I dealt with them.