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Mini Escape Room

Birthday Gift Puzzle, 2023

Image of Mini Escape Room

A puzzle I put together to hide a birthday present.

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The Colors of Cities

Art from StreetView, 2022

Image of The Colors of Cities

Making art from OpenStreetMap and Google Street View to represent the colors of cities.

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Stolen NFTs, 2022

Image of Eigenapes

I never should have done such a horrible thing.

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Streaming SVD & DMD

Research Project, 2017

Image of Streaming SVD & DMD

Streaming versions of the Singular Value Decomposition and Dynamic Mode Decomposition, allowing for real-time background subtraction (among other uses).

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Titan Fightin

VR Capstone, 2016

Image of Titan Fightin

VR capstone team project. Demonstrates asymmetric multiplayer in Virtual Reality.

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Fish Detector, 2016

Image of Eigenfish

ML-based Python package for detecting fish in low-quality underwater video.


Tree Dance

Real-Time Renderer, 2014

Image of Tree Dance

Direct3D renderer showcasing modern rendering techniques and custom asset importers.

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Kinect Laser Harp

Musical Instrument, 2014

Image of Kinect Laser Harp

Augmented Reality laser harp using the Kinect, built at DubHacks.

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Boos Bass

Electric Cutting Board, 2023

Image of Boos Bass

It actually works.



Reclaimed Wood, 2023

Image of Nightstands

An old futon became my new nightstands.



'Reclaimed' Wood, 2023

Image of Headboard

Technically, these boards did sit out on my patio for a year.



Game of Life

WebGL Game of Life., 2018

Image of Game of Life

I hacked this together for fun way back.


Hacker Text

JavaScript Text Effect, 2018

Image of Hacker Text

Movie-hacker-style appearance of text from random characters.